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i2i News Trivandrum

Journalist Sneha Mary Koshy , NDTV’s Bureau Chief for Kerala, has been chosen by Save Kidney Foundation for their maiden award – the Health Vigil Award. The award is being given for contributing towards awareness on kidney diseases and reaching welfare to deserving renal patients through media reports.

Sneha through her story in February 2008 lend a new lease of life to visually impaired 9-year-old girl,Haleema, by paving way for free renal transplantation and related treatments, at a time when her family was in distress unable to afford the medical procedures, said Save Foundation Chairman Dr.Praveen Namboodiri.

The news story brought to light the tragic story of a girl who was blind by birth, but braved life and was outstanding in performing arts, until serious kidney ailment struck at a tender age. As the illness worsened, Haleema had to commute thrice a week to Trivandrum Medical College for dialysis. Soon the doctors advised urgent kidney transplantation to sustain life further. Though Haleema’s poor parents agreed to donate their kidneys for the purpose, they were not a physiological match being an acute diabetic patients.

Then just as all hopes died out for Haleema and her poor family, Sneha Koshy, portrayed the situation in a news story on the national media ,NDTV and the outcome was miraculous. With the story breaking at national level, several kind-hearted individuals including the President of India extended help, making it possible to perform the kidney transplantation and avail continued treatment. 

Today, Haleema leads a healthy life and put on art performances at an event organized by Save Kidney Foundation recently.Actively engaged in kidney awareness campaigns and related welfare, this is the first time that Save Kidney Foundation has initiated a media award at national level. The award will be given away at an elaborate ceremony to be held at Thiruvananthapuram on April 2020.

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